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Years of experience characterise our work

Klinik DeMedici

A dental restoration can be well done and be highly aesthetic from a dental technical perspective. However, whether it does justice to its true function and develops the desired aesthetics is solely defined in the one place it’s used – the patient’s mouth.

The new training and research centre Klinik DeMedici focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration between dentists and dental technicians for the betterment of patient care. Experienced dentists train dentists and dental technicians together on our dental technical solutions and verify the results in-situ. Since we are convinced that close cooperation between dental technicians and dentists – where everyone contributes expertise for the benefit of the patient – increases the quality of patient care, we also organise interdisciplinary learning and networking events at the Zirkonzahn Klinik where renowned guest speakers are invited.

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High quality medical and daily masks from South Tyrol

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