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The Corona crisis has also shown us, as a South Tyrolean production company that is a market leader in the international dental market, how dependent we are on suppliers from other countries for ordering protective masks.

We know that we have to be prepared and that is why we now produce our own medical masks here in South Tyrol. Our established logistics chain works reliably and stably. We have had reliable shipping service providers (UPS, GLS) and forwarders at our side for years. Even in times of complete lockdown, we were able to deliver our medical products at any time.

Our masks made in South Tyrol

Medical Face Masks

Le nostre mascherine DeMedici sono mascherine mediche a tre strati per la protezione di bocca e naso; sono conformi alla normativa europea EN 14683:2019 e presentano un’elevata efficienza di filtrazione batterica (BFE > 99,5 %). Sulla base dei valori raggiunti, le mascherine corrispondono al Tipo II e IIR in conformità allo standard e sono quindi adatte all’uso da parte del personale medico e negli studi dentistici.

Premium Pro

The DeMedici Premium Pro are single-use filtering half masks of class FFP2 according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 with a filtering performance of more than 94 %, in order to protect the user against solid and liquid aerosols. According to EU Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, these masks are certified as category III PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Wearing comfort thanks to the adjustable nose clip and elastic ear-loops.

DeMedici Comfort Pro masks

The DeMedici Comfort Pro are masks to cover mouth and nose, made of different non-woven fabrics with a filter efficiency of more than 99.5 %.
The masks are welded individually and are available in a practical, recyclable dispenser box of 10 or 20 pieces. They are stored in a clean and protected place, ready to hand and easy to take out.

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